Wedding cake

Wedding cake is not just a beautiful and delicious cake, it is the embodiment of your sweetest dreams and fantasies, made with love and attention to every detail. Handmade, exclusive design, individual approach - everything to make Your wedding unforgettable!

Wedding cake-the main decoration of the wedding table

No wedding is complete without a special treat — wedding cake. Solemn cutting at the end of the evening, sale or simply distribution of the pieces cut off by the groom and the bride marks the end of the wedding Banquet. The couple, treating from the hands of the guests, share with them your happiness thank you for attending the celebration. Modern wedding cakes is not just a delicious dessert, it is a work of culinary art. Confectioners come up with new shapes, fillings and decorations for wedding cakes.

Types of wedding cakes:

There are several types of wedding cakes:

Cake cakes give absolutely any shape: heart, circle, square, asymmetrical shape.Most often it is the circle. For the tiered stand running round, as the stand is composed of several dressed on the rod round trays.

Dough for cakes, as a rule, use biscuit, because in the finished form it is easy to cut, convenient to eat and it does not break during the design of the cake.

So-same use yoghurt and cakes-souffle. Oil cream today rarely use for formalizing the. It was replaced by lighter and more delicious cottage cheese, yogurt, custard with the addition of chocolate, fresh or canned fruit, ground nuts. A great solution is a multi-tiered cake, where each cake will have its own cream and filling.

The final decoration of the wedding cake is often made of cream-mastic. By means of food dyes it is possible to give to mastic weight any color and a shade. From cream-mastic is easy to sculpt various figures, flowers and other elements of wedding paraphernalia. So popular swans — a symbol of marital fidelity — began to be replaced by figures of the bride and groom, which are installed on the upper tier. Figures can be made edible.

To all guests can try the cake, it is necessary to correctly calculate its weight. It is calculated by the number of invitees: 150-200 grams per person. That is, 50 guests will be optimal to order a cake weighing 10 kg. it is Better to do with the stock, so you do not have to cut miniature pieces. At the wedding, even people who are not fond of sweet, be sure to be tempted by a piece of wedding cake.

Even if you know how and love to bake, before the wedding, entrust it to a professional confectioner. Haste, excitement can lead to the fact that you forget to put any ingredient. The master will do everything as it should and deliver the cake safe and sound. Choose a pastry chef on the recommendations of friends and acquaintances to the last day before the wedding did not have to urgently look for a backup option.

Why us?

Individual approach

We like what we do! Individual approach to each order, distinguishes us from most confectionery!

Natural ingredient

In the preparation of sweets, we use only fresh and natural ingredients. Quality above all!

Unique recipe

Recipes time-tested and a lot of enthusiastic customers. We have an impressive database of reviews and recommendations!

Convenient delivery

Careful delivery in a specified time interval. We value our image and safety of sweets during transportation!

Wedding cake prices


The final cost is determined after registration of the application and calculation of all your wishes, as well as the necessary ingredients.

Available cake fillings:

"Red velvet", "Snickers", "Vanilla", "Orange-Pear", "Strawberry with cream", "Carrot", "Pistachio-raspberry", "Chocolate-Pistachio",according to your wishes

For cake decoration are available:

Photo printing, figures of mastic, fresh flowers, berries and fruits, chocolate and sweets, greeting inscriptions.


Minimum order of 2 kg.

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