Homemade cakes

a Homemade cake may consist of one or more cakes soaked in cream. Top cakes are usually decorated with chocolate, pastry cream, icing, fruit, nuts, candied fruit, etc. Decorative design cakes traditionally attached great importance.

First of all, skilled confectioners try to surpass each other in the decorative design of cakes. Despite the fact that the cake is a very short-lived thing and is quickly destroyed by guests to the last crumb, the masters decorate the sweet dessert with jewelry care, creating real masterpieces.

Most cakes are made in the form of a low cylinder, but they can have another shape: oval, rectangular, hemispherical, triangular and whatever else. Some varieties of cakes, for example, everyone's favorite "Napoleon", traditionally make rectangular and sell already cut into pieces, in the form of cakes. Become increasingly popular and sophisticated cakes of irregular shape: in the shape of a heart, books, baskets, house, of different figures. They are usually made for special occasions and decorated according to the occasion. Let's say a heart-shaped cake would be very appropriate for Valentine's day.

For the preparation of cakes often bake cakes from biscuit or short dough. The classic version – a combination of shortbread as a strong and reliable base and a few biscuit cakes in addition to it. But sometimes used and waffle, and puff, and even yeast dough.

Each layer is smeared with cream or jam, and the cream recipes for cakes great variety: oil, sour cream, custard, cream based on whipped cream and so on, and so on. They can contain a variety of flavors and flavors, such as cocoa and coffee, vanilla, cinnamon, lemon zest. In addition, between the cakes are often stacked layers of fruit or nuts, and the cakes are moistened with a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic impregnations.

Decorate cakes cream (usually the same, which smeared cakes), creating with a pastry syringe whimsical curls and patterns, similar to lace. Widely used also icing, plastic and obedient coating of ganache and marshmallows. In addition, cakes are decorated with figures of chocolate, marzipan and the same marshmallow, pieces of fruit and berries, nuts, coconut, candied fruit and marmalade. In the design, as a rule, dominated by floral motifs, geometric patterns. Often cakes are decorated with various inscriptions, in accordance with the occasion of the celebration. However, there are also much more sophisticated types of decor. For example, the Italians even invented a way to print a portrait of the birthday on the surface of the cake. To some disappointment of the guests and the hostess when cutting the cake into portions, the glaze crumbles and cracks, the exquisite cream patterns are destroyed, the decor elements crumble from the surface. Therefore, if we bake a cake at home, it is best to carefully cut it in advance and only then decorate each piece separately.

Classification of cakes there are different: by type of dough, cream, by method of Assembly. According to the method of Assembly, the following types of cakes can be distinguished:

Cakes baked whole.

in fact, these are sweet pies. Varieties without filling are baked from the dough. They do not have a layered structure and only the top is decorated with glaze, fruit, chocolate. We bake all cakes of this type on Easter, though not call them so. Varieties with filling are made on the basis of yeast dough and baked with nuts, jams, honey. Make them closed or semi-open. This type of cake, which appeared in the East, is probably the oldest.

Italian cakes.

Cakes of this type consist of the bottom of the dough, the walls and sometimes even the lid and filling. At the same time, destanie parts baked separately, and stuffing is cooked separately. Sometimes, already assembled cake re-subjected to short-term heat treatment to fuse together its parts.

Precast cakes.

We know them well. With all the variety of recipes, they all consist of layers of stacked cakes and cream.

In turn, among the teams, too, we can distinguish the following types of cakes.

French cakes.

Despite the Italian origin of cakes, France has long been a trendsetter of culinary fashion around the world, many confectionery terms are of French origin, so it is not surprising that French-type cakes are widespread in our country. They are made on the basis of biscuit or puff pastry, often with different flavors (almonds, coffee, cocoa). In this case, the biscuits are cut into three layers and soaked with syrups with the addition of rum or cognac. Each layer is smeared with cream, marmalade or jam. Thin and airy puff pastry cakes do not need trenching and impregnation. The cream is applied to them without pre-treatment and under its influence the cakes gradually soften themselves. However, such cakes should stand for at least six hours, in order for the dough to have time to soak.

Vienna cakes.

In many ways they are similar to the French, but as a basis they use a cake made of yeast Vienna dough. Layers promazyvaetsya whipped cream, and as the impregnation of used dairy and milk-chocolate mixture.

Waffle cakes.

Made from wafer cakes, smeared with chocolate or coffee ganache. Wafer varieties of cakes almost do not contain moisture and therefore can be stored for a very long time, they are convenient to transport. But unfortunately, they do not impress with a special variety of tastes and do not differ in tenderness and airiness.

Sand cakes.

these are made from layers on the basis of the dough, each layer coat with sweet cream, fruit or gummy mass. Top cake decorate oehme, icing and swirls of cream.

Liquid cakes.

They were invented in the UK. At the bottom of a deep glass or porcelain dish, a layer of biscuit dough is laid, and then the container is filled as loosely as possible with scraps of biscuits and pieces of cookies. All this is filled with cognac syrup, then liquid marmalade, and finally, butter and egg cream. On top of the cake is decorated with candied fruits and nuts and left to stand in the refrigerator for a day. The liquid cake embodied all the characteristics of English cuisine. Simplicity and naturalness, to the neglect of external effects and the rejection of ornamentation – all so British. As if the inhabitants of Albion, competing with the French, decided to make their own contribution to the history of the cake and create something directly opposite to the pretentious French desserts. At the same time, British confectionery is not inferior to other types of cakes.

Curd cakes.

They are not only tasty, but also useful. This kind of pastry is baked with sweet curd mass with the addition of flour and means of enhancing germination test (crematoria, soda, baking powder). May contain fruit pieces. On top of it is covered with icing of egg whites, whipped with sugar, and then decorated in the same way as a regular cake. Make a cottage cheese cake at home is quite easy.

Why us?

Individual approach

We like what we do! Individual approach to each order, distinguishes us from most confectionery!

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In the preparation of sweets, we use only fresh and natural ingredients. Quality above all!

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Prices for homemade cakes

1700 RUB/kg.

The final cost is determined after registration of the application and calculation of all your wishes, as well as the necessary ingredients.

Available cake fillings:

"Red velvet", "Snickers", "Vanilla", "Orange-Pear", "Strawberry with cream", "Carrot", "Pistachio-raspberry", "Chocolate-Pistachio",according to your wishes

For cake decoration are available:

Photo printing, figures of mastic, fresh flowers, berries and fruits, chocolate and sweets, greeting inscriptions.


Minimum order of 1 kg.

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