Sweet pie

the Sweet pie is called a traditional festive dish that is served with tea. This dessert is enjoyed by both children and adults. Today there are a variety of Goodies, the abundance of which often drives consumers crazy. The list with the name of the pies, which is provided below, includes different versions of these delicacies. They differ in the method of preparation, type of cakes, complexity of design, filling, taste and other criteria. Especially popular are Goodies, baked whole. They are prepared from yeast dough and are often filled with nuts, jam, honey and fruit. More expensive are cakes, in which the frame and filling are prepared separately.

According to the type of cakes, there are the following varieties of sweets: Biscuit. They are distinguished by their tenderness and splendor. Such pies are often seasoned with vanilla, yogurt or cocoa to achieve the desired taste. Cakes in this case are impregnated and placed on each other. Waffle. This option is considered the easiest to prepare, as it requires only wafer cakes and chocolate or coffee mass. Sand. These cakes are prepared from dough. The filling in them, as a rule, cream or fruit. Curd. This variety is prepared from cottage cheese and flour mass. As a Supplement, there are used pieces of sweet fruit. In terms of design, you can consider such pies: single-tiered; two-tiered; three-tiered. Filling, and accordingly, and taste can be very different. Pies are fruit, nut, yogurt, chocolate, vanilla, sour cream and so on. Fillings are mixed quite rarely, and in pure form they are always tasty and fragrant.

The shape of the pies can be different. Commercially available square, round, rectangular, oval treats. But in recent years, more and more popular dishes are gaining complex shape.

the Classification to be considered is the type of design material. In this case, there are such pies: With mastic. This material is made of powdered sugar. Thanks to him, the Goodies are decorated with various figures and three-dimensional patterns. Mastic is present in almost all the original pies. With cream. Flowers and various patterns are made of it. As a result, cream dishes not only look beautiful, but also attract with their taste. With frosting. This element is similar to mastic. It gives you the opportunity to prog more beautiful and smooth. Fudge. It is usually used for the purpose of external coating of pies.

Why us?

Individual approach

We like what we do! Individual approach to each order, distinguishes us from most confectionery!

Natural ingredient

In the preparation of sweets, we use only fresh and natural ingredients. Quality above all!

Unique recipe

Recipes time-tested and a lot of enthusiastic customers. We have an impressive database of reviews and recommendations!

Convenient delivery

Careful delivery in a specified time interval. We value our image and safety of sweets during transportation!

Prices for sweet cakes

970 RUB/kg

the Final cost is determined after registration of the application and calculation of all your wishes, as well as the necessary ingredients.

Available flavors:

"Chocolate", "Caramel",according to your wishes


Minimum order from 1 kg.

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